Larson's Geraniums

Caliente Pink

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We added this hybrid geranium because we were so impressed with the way it performed for us. Like the Calliope series, Caliente Pink is a hybrid cross between an upright growing zonal geranium and a trailing ivy geranium. The dark green foliage more closely resembles an ivy geranium leaf, and the plant habit it mounding and spreading. You can expect this variety to grow about 15" tall, and spread out to about 24". In a hanging basket, the stems spill out of the pot and will hang down some, but these flowering machines are not trailing with cacading stems like the Ville de Paris and Mid Cascade series. If you're looking for a plant that can take the heat of mid summer and keep on flowering, this is an excellent choice. The pink flower clusters are very showy and just keep on coming all season long.  Excellent in hanging baskets, containers and flower beds. Best flowering will occur in full sun, but the plants will tolerate some shade, as long as they get 6 or more hours of sun.  Small packs (6 plants) and large packs (13 plants) are available! Please click on the drop down arrow to see both options. 

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