Larson's Geraniums

Calliope Light Lavender

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Many folks have asked us for a lighter, softer shade in the Calliope series, and we're pleased to offer Light Lavender to answer that call. The long lasting flowers on this variety will brighten up any container with beautiful lavender blooms. A mounding and semi-spreading plant – reaching 16-18” tall and 14-18” wide. Once it gets started, it will be flowering all throughout the season. Calliope geraniums are becoming one of the most popular geranium series on the market, for their neat look, ease of growing, and outstanding blooms.  Excellent in hanging baskets, containers and flower beds. Best flowering will occur in full sun, but the plants will tolerate some shade and still flower very well with at least 6 hours of sun. Small packs (6 plants) and large packs (13 plants) are available! Please click on the drop down arrow to see both options. 

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