Larson's Geraniums

Like all of you, we are so happy to get back to some sense of "normal" and hopefully the challenges caused by Covid-19 are well in the rear-view mirror! We're looking forward to this coming spring with lots of anticipation and the greenhouse staff is ready to grow our wonderful geraniums for you to enjoy in the coming year.
We have completed updating our website for 2023, so you may now place orders for our amazing Alpine Ivy Geraniums and the popular interspecific hybrid geraniums as well. Once again, there have been a few changes in the greenhouses regarding what varieties we are growing for this new year. Mid Cascade Lavender, also called Lila, is not available this year. The company that holds the rights to that variety have for some reason dropped it for 2023. We're hoping that it will be restored for next year because it's been a popular variety for many of you. Without this variety, we are not able to offer the Mixed Assortment in the Mid Cascade Series, since lavender was one of the three colors in the mix. We continue to grow and offer Mixed packs in the Ville de Paris series and the Mini Cascade series. Also, with the loss of Mid Cascade Lavender, we decided to bring back a variety we grew years ago, Balcon Lavender. It has the same flower color as Mid Cascade Lavender, but the growth habit is similar to the Ville de Paris varieties. The final adjustmemt we made for this season was to drop Calliente Pink interspecific geranium. Although it flowers heavily and is overall a great plant, we just didn't have the demand from our customers to warrant continued production.
If you are new to our website, you may have found us by searching for European, Balcony, or Alpine Ivy Geraniums, and we're certainly glad you found us! While we specialize in these prolific and beautiful plants, we also added some of the Calliope hybrid geraniums several years ago, and they have become very popular. These interspecific hybrid varieties are produced by breeding an ivy geranium with a zonal geranium. They are not Alpine Ivy geraniums, so if you want the traditional European trailing ivy geranium, stay with our tried and proven Ville de Paris, Balcon, Mid Cascade, or Minicascade series.
The above photographs have been submitted by our customers from all over the United States. They showcase some of the creative things customers have done with our European Alpine Ivy Geranium plants. Click on the side arrows to scroll through the slideshow!
In response to many customer requests, we will once again have a limited quantity of our geraniums available in a 4.5" pot. We have always grown these for our retail garden center, but tried shipping some several years ago and now have a special box just for shipping these fuller, larger plants. Because they are more developed, you could use about half as many plants in your containers, and have terrific flowering several weeks earlier! Our website is not set up to accept orders for 4.5" pots, so if you're interested, please email or call to place orders for these geraniums. They are usually available about the first week of May.

As always, we love to get feedback from you and are ready to answer any questions you might have. Looking forward to spring sunshine and a great 2023!

From the greenhouses,

Paul and Joyce Larson and the greenhouse crew


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