Larson's Geraniums

Calliope Burgundy


Burgundy Calliope, like all the Calliope selections, is a very vigorous growing plant that resembles an upright zonal geranium with its large flowers and classic zonal type foliage. The dense mounding growth habit 12-15" high fills out containers well, growing 15-18" wide. In a basket or window box, the stems will spill over the edge perhaps 6", but not a truly trailing or cascading habit. The deep burgundy red flowers are produced virtually non-stop, even in the heat of summer. Best flowering will occur in full sun, but the plants will tolerate some shade, as long as they get 6 or more hours of sun.  Small packs (6 plants) and large packs (13 plants) are available! Please click on the drop down arrow to see both options. 

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